Let's Go Fishing! 4-H SportFishing Day is Friday, May 25th

Tallapoosa County 4-H will host this year’s 4-H SportFishing Day at Camp ASCCA on Friday, May 25th.   The day and fishing starts early at 7 a.m. and will conclude around 11:30 a.m. with lunch. Participants will learn about:

  • Fishing Equipment
  • Casting
  • Types of Fish
  • Baits
  • Harvesting & Cleaning
  • Pond Fishing

The event location:  Camp ASCCA, 5278 Camp ASCCA Dr.,  Jacksons Gap, Alabama.

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Event Fee: $5 for 4-H Youth ages 9-18 (includes lunch)

To participate or for more information, contact the Tallapoosa County Extension Office at 256-825-1050. Event is limited to 50 participants.

Other Upcoming Summer 4-H Events

  • June 2 & 3 – 4-H CampOut at Wind Creek State Park
  • June 27 & 28 – 4-H RiverKids Kayaking Kamp along Sandy Creek in Dadeville
  • July 11 – 4-H Sewing Class
  • July 17 & 18 – 4-H Great Outdoors Camp

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2018 Chick Chain Registration

Registration for our 2018 Chick Chain Project is going on now! Registration is $40. See this pamphlet for the registration form.

What is Chick Chain?

The 4-H Chick Chain Project teaches young people the recommended management practices for growing and raising chickens. Participation will help you do the following:
• develop poultry management skills
• learn to produce healthy chickens
• develop awareness of business management
• develop record-keeping skills (income and expenses)
• contribute to your home food supply
• realize the pride of accomplishment

Who can Participate?

Any young person ages 9 through 18 as of January 1 of the project year can participate.

What will Participants Do?

After initial registration, you will attend a mandatory meeting on the designated date. You will then receive 10 pullets (female chicks) of two different breeds that you choose on the scheduled pick-up day. You will care for your chickens for approximately 20 weeks. At some point during this time, you must schedule a home visit with us. At the end of the 20 weeks, you will bring 2 of your chickens of the same breed to the Chick Chain Show and Auction on October 6, 2018 in Macon County. You will show your 2 birds and auction them at the end. If you meet all of the requirements, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee ($40).

What are the Requirements?

  • Be enrolled in 4HOnline.
  • Attend the mandatory meeting and take the pretest.
  • Schedule and participate in the home visit.
  • Help publicize the Show and Auction by distributing a flyer that will be provided to you.
  • Attend and participate in the East Alabama 4-H Chick Chain Show.
  • Participate in the 4-H Chick Chain Auction.
  • Take the posttest.
  • Submit a completed 4-H Chick Chain Record Book.
  • Complete the program evaluation.

There are three breeds available to choose from! (You choose two)

Rhode Island Red
Barred Plymouth Rock

Buff Orpington

Please have the $40 fee along with the registration form to the Tallapoosa County Extension Office no later than March 19, 2018. There will be no late additions, so get it in on timeMake checks payable to ACES.

Tallapoosa County Extension
125 N. Broadnax St., Room 23
Dadeville, AL 36853

Alabama 4-H Summer Camp Registration Now Open

Registration for Alabama 4-H Summer Camp is open NOW! Tallapoosa County’s Summer Camp date assignment is June 20-22, 2018.

A deposit of $25 and the required forms are due upon registration, but no later than February 20th. But remember, space is limited to the first 35 and registration is first come, first served! **We will not reserve summer camp spots without the 3 forms due with registration and the deposit**

Total cost for Summer Camp is $125. That includes the $106 State fee and $19 for travel to and from camp. Cost includes lodging, all meals, snacks, a t-shirt and all of the fun activities at camp!

See below for links to a flyer and the required forms and a short promotional video.

Summer Camp Flyer

Required Health History Form (due at time of registration)

Required Youth and Parent Consent Form (due at time of registration)

A copy of the camper’s Blue Immunization Form is also required upon registration.

Required Physician Referral Form (this form is not due with registration but is required before camp)

Space is limited, so call us at 256-825-1050 ASAP to get on the list and get your required forms and deposit in to reserve your spot!

Youth Kayaking Lessons Top 4-H Summer Activities

Kayaking continues to be one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities.  It has always been very popular with adults but has increasingly become a great way to introduce youth to water sports and experience the outdoors.  The demand for kayaking programs is so great that the Tallapoosa County 4-H Team will host and teach multiple 4-H RiverKids kayaking lessons this summer across Tallapoosa County.

Kayaking Kamp

Our 3rd Annual 4-H RiverKids Kayaking Kamp returns on June 27-28th. This fun filled event is designed to introduce youth to the world of paddle sports. The half day program in Dadeville will teach water safety, how to paddle a kayak, and include a fun 2 mile float trip down Sandy Creek. Kayaks, life jackets, and shuttle service are provided. Cost is $10 for 4-H youth ages 9 to 18 (includes lunch).  Registration deadline is Friday, June 23, 2017 and spots will fill up quickly.


4-Her’s will participate in a ½ Day Camp. Date and time preference will be assigned upon received registration.

River Kids_LOGO_COLOR copyJune 27th   –    Session A   –   8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

June 27th   –    Session B   –   12 noon – 5 p.m.

June 28th   –    Session C   –   8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

June 28th   –    Session D   –   12 noon – 5 p.m.

Review this Kayaking Kamp promotional flyer & agenda for more details and schedule.

Kayaking 101

Tallapoosa County 4-H will also host youth 4-H RiverKids Kayaking Lessons at Wind Creek State Park and Willow Point Cabana in Alexander City this summer.  One event will be Tuesday, June 2oth @ Wind Creek State Park and another event will be on Thursday, July 27th at Willow Point Cabana.The program will teach water safety, how to paddle a kayak, and include a fun 2 mile float trip along Lake Martin.  Kayaks and life jackets are provided.

Review these flyers for more details and schedule:

June 20th – Wind Creek State Park – Kayaking 101

July 27th – Willow Point Cabana – Kayaking 101

To participate in any 4-H RiverKids Event, a parent or guardian of each youth participant must complete and sign the:

Completed forms must be turned in to the Tallapoosa County  Extension Office prior to the event. Space is limited. Contact the Tallapoosa County Extension office at 256-825-1050 to sign up or for more details.

4-H Indoor and Outdoor Roundup – May 6th

It’s time for the next round of 4-H contests! Our 2017 Tallapoosa County 4-H Indoor and Outdoor Roundup will be on Saturday, May 6, 2017 from 9 a.m. to noon at the Dadeville Rec Center.

This county contest includes the following projects (rules and descriptions can be found by clicking on the link for each one):

Blocks Rock*, eXtreme Birdhouse*, Nature Craft*, The World I See*, What Wood U Build?*, The World I Imagine, Present it with Power, $15 Challenge, Chicken Que, Lawn Tractor, Project Green Thumb, and Freestyle Demonstration.

(Rules for Nature Craft, What Wood U Build? and Present it with Power can be provided upon request.)

4-H’ers may participate in up to 3 contests. Contests with an * are for club winners advancement only, however 4-H’ers may enter these contests if it was not offered to their club. (Ex. Nature Craft was a 5th Grade club contest, so 5th Grade Nature Craft club winners and anyone NOT in 5th Grade may enter at the county level.)

All members wishing to participate must register with our office no later than Friday, May 5 by calling us at 256-825-1050.

First 4-H Camp-Out at HBNMP a Success

Horseshoe Bend National Military Park and the Tallapoosa County 4-H program partnered for the first-ever camp out for children at the park last weekend.

“It was great,” Jennifer Stroud said of her and her daughter Jania’s experience. “It was our first time camping ever. We loved it. We walked the trails and threw horseshoes.”

“It was great,” HBNMP’s Heather Tassin said. “It is the first time ever that we have done a campout with kids.”

Tassin said the park’s mission and that of 4-H worked out well for the event.

“The history and interpretative program of the park went well with the outdoor programs of 4-H,” Tassin said. “We had a 1814 militia encampment set up and 4-H had archery and other things.”

Christy and Michael Champion accompanied their three children to the park this past weekend for the campout.

“We really enjoyed it,” Christy said. “The kids really enjoyed the astronomy program.”

The Champions have been around 4-H for a couple years.

“We started with our daughter in the fourth grade and she is now in sixth grade,” Christy said. “We have taken part in speech contests, photography contests, cook-offs and the cookie contest.”

Stroud is happy that Jania has been taking part in 4-H activities for the last year.

“She has done kayaking,” Stroud said. “She loved camping. At the park we tried archery and horseshoe throwing. I would not trade Shane for the world.”

Tallapoosa County 4-H Agent Assistant Trent Carboni was happy that everything went off without a hitch.

“I think everything went very well for a first-time event,” Carboni said. “We look forward to expanding and doing more of these types of events in the future.”

Tallapoosa County Commissioner John McKelvey grilled hamburgers and hotdogs but brought out wild game also to give back to a program that he grew up in.

“We had a ball,” McKelvey said. “We cooked up some deer steak, deer rollup with peppers and onions, quail and I gave them some summer sausage that I make.

“Some tried the wild game and liked it.”

McKelvey is no stranger to 4-H having been part of the program as a kid and is happy to help out with 4-H programs.

“It is part of the youth programs that we (county commission) help sponsor,” McKelvey said. “It is something you got to do with the youth. You have to start with them there as youth to develop them because it is hard when they get to be 20 or so.”

-Article written and posted in the Alexander City Outlook on April 6, 2017 by Cliff Williams.


Time to Sign up for 2017 4-H Summer Camp

Registration for Alabama 4-H’s Summer Camp is now open! Tallapoosa County 4-H’ers will be attending 4-H Camp June 5-7, 2017 in Columbiana, Alabama. Summer Camp is open to any 4-H member between the ages of 9 and 14.

The total cost for camp is $125, and that price includes transportation, lodging, meals, snacks, a t-shirt and lots of fun activities! Some of the activities include canoeing, paddle boarding, archery and rocketry, just to name a few. See this pamphlet for more details. Click here to see highlight videos from last year’s Summer Camp.

Registration and a deposit for Summer Camp is due by Friday, February 24, 2017. Space is limited, so act fast! Contact our office at 256-825-1050 for more information and to register.

Registration Now Open for 2017 4-H Chick Chain Project

One of our newest and most popular 4-H projects in Tallapoosa County is Chick Chain. This fun animal sciences project allows youth to get their very own set of backyard chickens.  Registration is now open for the 2017 4-H Chick Chain Project.

What Is the Chick Chain Project?

The 4-H Chick Chain Project teaches young people recommended management practices for growing and raising chickens. Participation will help you do the following:

  • develop poultry management skills
  • learn to produce healthy chickens
  • develop awareness of business management
  • develop record-keeping skills (income and expenses)
  • contribute to your home food supply
  • realize the pride of accomplishment

Who Can Participate?

Any young person age 9 through 18 as of January 1 of the project year can participate. You do not have to be a current 4-H member; however, you will need to complete a 4-H enrollment form if you are not a member.

How Chick Chain Project Works

As a participant in the 2017 Chick Chain Project, you will receive 10 chicks in the spring – early May. The chicks will be pullets (females) that are 1 or 2 days old. All chicks will come from a reputable hatchery and will be properly vaccinated. There will be 3 breed options available and you will select 2 of them. You will receive 5 chicks of each breed you have chosen. You will feed and care for these pullets for approximately 20 weeks.

At the end of this time, you will bring 2 of your pullets to your county’s 4-H Chick Chain Show and Auction. Tallapoosa County will participate in the East Alabama Chick Chain Show that will be held on Saturday, September 23rd in Lafayette. Proceeds from the auction will go to the 4-H Chick Chain Project.


To participate in the 2017 Chick Chain Project, please complete the registration form and submit it to the Tallapoosa County Extension office by Wednesday, March 1st.  Cost is $40.  For more information or questions, contact us at 256-825-1050.

Tallapoosa County 4-H'ers Featured in 4-H Promo Video


Recently, 24 of Tallapoosa County’s 4-H members were featured in a new promo video produced by the Tallapoosa County Extension Office. The video shows participants engaging in some of the activities that Tallapoosa County’s 4-H program offers in an effort to inform people on what 4-H actually is. 4-H is much different than the way it started many years ago. When 4-H started in 1902, the programs offered were primarily agricultural. Now, 4-H has maintained those agricultural programs and has also built the program to include science, engineering, technology, natural resource and career-building programs.